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Full lists of Solo, Chamber and Vocal repertoires are available upon request. 

Selections of works & programs listed below have all been performed and are merely illustrative as the artist is continuously preparing new ones.

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Concerto no.2 in B-flat op.19

Concerto no.3 in c minor op.37

Concerto No.4 in G major op.58


Concerto No. 2 in F Minor


Concerto no.20 in d minor K.466

Concerto no. 21 in C major K.467
Concerto no.22 in E-flat major K.482
Concerto no.23 in A major K.488

Rhapsody in Blue


Concerto in a minor op.16

Concerto no.1 in E-flat major

Totentanz ​


Concerto no.2 in c minor op.18 

Concerto no.3 op.30

Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini op.43


Concerto No.2 in g minor op.22 

Concerto in a minor op.54 ​

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Selected Solo 
Piano Programs

Chopin Nocturne in D flat Major
Chopin Nocturne in C Minor
Chopin Nocturne in B Flat Minor
Chopin Nocturne in C sharp Minor
Chopin Four Scherzos

Handel Sonata in B flat Major
Beethoven Sonata No 30 in A Major op. 101
Chopin Sonata No. 3 in B Minor

Brahms Klaviershtucke op.76
Liszt Sonata in B Minor

Repertoire: List

Rachmaninoff Preludes
Rachmaninoff Sonata op.36 in B flat Minor

Haydn Sonata no.46 in A flat Major
Scriabin Sonata no. 2 in G sharp Minor
Carl Vine Five Bagattelles
Bach-Busoni Chaconne in D Minor

Scriabin Sonata No.3 in F sharp Minor
Thacikovsky- Pletnev Nutcracker Suite Transcription
Stravinsky Petrushka

Repertoire: List
Repertoire: Pro Gallery
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